Among Us Gaming Experience in Mobile


As you guys know that among is suddenly started being popular and became the most downloaded game of 2020.

And you are also playing this game, because of that you have come here.

But while playing this game there are some problems which a person faces while playing this game on their smartphone.

So today I am here to describe that problem and I will try to give a solution so that you can enjoy an irritation-free mobile gaming

So without wasting any more time let’s jump into it.


At the time of discussion among us, you have to discuss using your keyboard but the problem comes that, while typing you can’t able to see people massage because the whole keyboard hides it. And to resolve this problem you can simply use a floating keyboard option. This feature helps you to adjust the desired size of your keyboard and makes your keyboard floating due to which you can drag your keyboard anywhere.

To use a floating keyboard option follow the following steps:


  • Make sure to have the latest version of Google keyboard or Gboard.
  • Then click on the Google icon on the keyboard then you will see three dots there.
  • Click on those three dots and then you will find a  floating keyboard option.
  • Enable it to make your keyboard float.


After enabling you will find a new button by which you can resize and readjust your keyboard.

Swipe typing

Many time while discussion it happen s that we face a delay in or typing as compared to computer player. It results that they type fast and prove that you are the imposter.

You can use swipe typing as its solution. Because swipe typing helps you type faster than a simple tap typing.

You can enable swipe typing from the keyboard settings.

But you need some practice for swipe typing.

But after mastering it no one can beat you.

Make Discord Group

If you are playing among us with your friend circle but you are still discussing using your keyboard. So this is wrong. If you want to consume the full satisfaction of this game you can make a discord server and add your friends to that discord group. And before starting the game you all can start discord in the background and tell your all friends to open their mic.

And then open and make a group with your friends. And now you can talk with your friends by voice and no need to type. This makes the game more interesting and enjoyable. So make sure to follow this tip.


So yea guys these are the tips you can use while playing among us. I hope these tips will help you a lot or if it helps you to enhance your gaming experience then do share with you among us friends. I have told my 100s of friends and they are more enjoying their game than earlier.

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