Top 5 Among Us Hidden tricks & Tips

Hey guys, I am back with a new post if among us. So today I am going to share some interesting and hidden features among us which you should know to become a pro in this game. I know you are curious to know what are those tips and hidden tricks. So without wasting any more time let’s begin with our topics.



#1 Security Camera Indication


You knew that there are many cameras on the pathways that are mounted somewhere by which you can able to see the player that what are they doing.

Also sometimes you can also find the imposter with the help of those cameras.

But if you are an imposter so how can you save yourself from being caught by the cameras.

The only way is that you can kill someone in front of a camera at that time when someone not watching from security.

But how do you know that someone watching or not? It’s easy to know you can simply see in the camera that the red light is blinking or not. If blinking then it is sure that some at security and watching cams. And if not then you know what you have to do.


Fake Tasks

If anyone is an imposter, you know that they don’t have to tasks. They only have to do sabotage and kill other players to win the game.

But to take people under his confidence they perform fake tasks that they or stand in the front of a task and show other players like they are doing tasks.

So if you are a crewmate, then how can you know that the player who is doing the task is my crewmate or the imposter (performing a fake task).

So there are the following three ways to check-in different situations.


#2 Killing asteroid

A task is given in weapons that to kill the asteroid, but if a simple player (crewmate) will perform that task then you will see a firing animation at the left corner of your screen. And if any imposter will try to do that task fake then no animation will be shown.

Then you can simply run towards the cafeteria and you can call a meeting.


#3 Empty garbage or trash

You will be friendly with empty garbage tasks. There are two steps to complete it, first can be present in the cafeteria or O2. But the last step is important which is present in the storage to catch the imposter.

If your crewmate will perform that task then you will see garbage throwing animation at the bottom but if any imposter will try to do that task fake then no animation will be performed.


#4 Taskbar completing

If you can’t find the imposter from the above ways then probably from this you will catch the imposter.

Only you have to perform AFK at any task place where the chance of performing fake tasks by the imposter. So if any crewmate will perform that task then you will see the above taskbar increasing but if any imposter will perform the fake task then the graph will not increase.


#5 Overlap on your crewmate

This trick can help you to catch the imposter and you will also feel happy with this trick.

So how to perform this let’s find out.

If you are sure that any player is your crewmate then you can perform this task with him/ her.

First, stand at an abandoned place with your teammate and make your effort to overlap your character to your teammate’s character, and when any imposter will pass through you and he will find that no one there he/ she will simply kill your or your overlapped teammate. And then you or your teammate can report the body and then by voting him/ her you can win the match.

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