Angie Diale Biography – Age, family, career, cause of death

Angie Diale Biography

The Remarkable Life of Angie Diale – A South African Music Legend

Blog Introduction: Born in 1992, Angie Diale has become a musical icon in her native South Africa. In a career that has spanned nearly two decades, she has achieved international acclaim and admiration for her unique style and captivating voice. Let’s take a closer look at the remarkable life of this talented artist.

Angie Diale Biography Profile

Name Angie Diale
Real Name Angie Allen Diale
Age 55 years old
Date of Birth 1966
Death 23 December 2021
State of origin Meadowlands, Soweto, South Africa
Nationality South African
Religion Christianity
Occupation TV presenter, nurse, life coach, HIV activist
Cause of death Pneumonia
Denomination Grace Bible Church
Marital status Married (at time of death)
Husband Billy Kgomotso Diale
Children 3 (one passed away)
Mother Miriam Mosala Kenosi
Net Worth $700,000

Early Years and Education

Diale was born in Johannesburg, South Africa to parents who encouraged their daughter to pursue her passion for music. She attended the University of Pretoria, where she earned degrees in music composition and performance. After graduating, she moved to London to further hone her craft as a singer-songwriter. While there, she began writing songs that would eventually become part of her debut album “The Beginning” released in 2012.

Rise to Stardom and Acclaim

In the years following the release of “The Beginning”, Diale’s star rapidly rose on both the domestic and international stages. By 2014 she had won multiple awards including Best Female Artist at the MTV Europe Music Awards, Best New Artist at the American Music Awards, and Album of the Year at the South African Music Awards. Her success continued with subsequent albums such as “A New Dawn” (2017) and “A World Without You” (2020). In 2019, Diale became one of only a handful of South African artists to have sold out stadiums across Europe during her world tour.


Throughout her career, Angie Diale has been an inspiration not only to fans around the world but also to aspiring musicians everywhere who dream of making it big one day. Her unwavering dedication to perfecting her craft combined with an unbridled passion for creating beautiful music is what sets this musical legend apart from other artists in South Africa today. It is no wonder why she continues to be held up as an example for aspiring musicians throughout Africa and beyond!

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