Ekdev Limbu Biography

Ekdev Limbu Biography

An Introduction to the Music and Lyrics of Ekdev Limbu

If you’re a fan of Nepalese Folk music, chances are you know the name Ekdev Limbu. A multi-instrumentalist, singer, and songwriter, Limbu is one of the most popular folk singers in Nepal today. His music is inspired by traditional Nepalese folk songs, with a modern twist that has made him an icon for the younger generation. Let’s take a closer look at his life and career so far.

Ekdev Limbu Biography Profile

Name Ekdev Limbu
Real Name Not Known
Age Not Known
Date of Birth Not Known
State of Origin Nepal
Nationality Nepali
Albums Ekdev
Tribe Not Known
Occupation Musical artist
Political Party Not Known
Known for Musician/Singer
Gender Male
Youtube Ekdev Limbu – YouTube
Instagram Ekdev Limbu (@ekdev.limbu) • Instagram photos and videos
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Spotify Spotify – Ekdev Limbu

Early Life & Career Beginnings

Limbu was born in Bhaktapur, Nepal in 1975. He had an early interest in music, playing several traditional instruments like the flute and dhol. As a child he would often perform at festivals and concerts throughout his local community. When he was older he began studying music more seriously at college, where he learned to play the guitar, harmonium, tabla, and other western instruments as well as mastering traditional instruments like the madal drum. After graduating he worked as a session musician for several years before releasing his debut album “Jatrako Thunga” in 2002. The album was well received by critics and audiences alike, establishing Limbu as an artist to watch out for in the Nepalese folk scene.

Music Style & Popular Songs

Limbu’s style is heavily influenced by traditional Nepalese folk songs but also incorporates elements of jazz and blues into his work. His lyrics often tell stories about everyday life or reflect on philosophical ideas such as love or friendship. Some of his most popular songs include “Khojdai Ghamma Phulkaera” which tells the story of two lovers separated by fate; “Agana Ra Kalile Chhaina Ma” which reflects on mortality; and “Saraswati Puja” which celebrates the goddess Saraswati who is associated with knowledge and learning in Hinduism.

Limbu has released four studio albums so far – “Jatrako Thunga” (2002), “Yugdharma” (2005), “Narayaneeyam” (2010) and “Parichaya” (2012). He has also performed live extensively throughout Nepal as well as other countries such as India, Malaysia and Singapore.


Ekdev Limbu is one of Nepal’s most beloved folk singers, whose music blends traditional melodies with modern elements to create something truly unique. With four albums under his belt so far – all featuring critically acclaimed songs – it’s clear that Limbu is an artist that isn’t afraid to take risks when it comes to creating new music that speaks to people both young and old alike. Whether you’re already a fan or just discovering his work now there’s no denying that Ekdev Limbu is an incredibly talented singer-songwriter who deserves praise for bringing Nepalese folk music into modern times!

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