Father Kevin Dillon Biography

Father Kevin Dillon Biography

A Biographical Look at Father Kevin Dillon

Blog Introduction: Father Kevin Dillon is a priest, social worker, and world traveler who has dedicated his life to serving the less fortunate. He has traveled to over 40 countries on five continents to help those in need, while providing spiritual guidance and support. In this blog post, we will take an in-depth look at Father Dillon’s life and accomplishments.

Early Life & Education

Father Kevin Dillon was born in Queens, NY in 1957. After graduating high school, he attended St. John’s University where he earned a Bachelor’s degree in Social Work. He then went on to earn his Master’s degree from Fordham University, specializing in Social Work Administration.  During his student years at St. John’s University, Father Dillon considered entering the priesthood; it wasn’t until after his graduation that he decided to pursue it. In 1985, he entered the seminary and was ordained as a priest two years later.

Throughout his education, Father Dillon had always been inspired by Pope John Paul II’s mission of reaching out to the poor and marginalized members of society–a mission that would become central to his own life’s work. His commitment to this mission only grew stronger when he began travelling the world and seeing firsthand how poverty affects people around the globe.

Travelling Abroad & Mission Projects

In 1994, Father Dillon took a sabbatical from his parish duties so he could volunteer with various international charities abroad. He visited over 40 countries on five continents during this time period—from India to Ethiopia—where he provided spiritual guidance as well as physical aid such as food, shelter, clothing, medical supplies, etc., for those who were living in poverty or had endured natural disasters such as earthquakes or floods. During this time period, Father Dillon also set up several mission projects which included educational institutions for children in developing countries like Haiti and Guatemala.

Today Currently Father Dillon lives at Our Lady of Lourdes Church near Times Square where he works as a chaplain for Catholic Charities New York City homeless shelters throughout Manhattan. He continues to travel internationally on mission trips every year and remains devoted to helping those most in need around the world.


It is clear from looking at the life of Father Kevin Dillon that his dedication to social justice has been unwavering over the years—he is truly an inspiration! From providing spiritual guidance for those who are suffering financially or spiritually around the world all the way back here at home with Catholic Charities NYC homeless shelters near Times Square—he has dedicated himself selflessly towards making life better for those less fortunate than him no matter what part of the world they live in! What an inspiring example of faith in action!

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