Florence Radzilani Biography

Florence Radzilani Biography

Celebrating Florence Radzilani, the South African Activist 

Florence Radzilani was a fierce advocate for social justice and gender equality in her native South Africa. She was born in Johannesburg in 1924 and quickly rose to become a leader in the struggle against apartheid. She dedicated her life to fighting for the rights of women and children across the country, earning her numerous awards and recognition throughout her lifetime. Let’s take a closer look at this remarkable woman.


Name Florence Radzilani
Real Name Fulufhelo Florence Radzilani
Age 51 years old
Date of Birth April 21, 1971
State of Origin Fulufhelo Florence Dzombere
Region Limpopo province
Religion Chrisitan
Tribe Not Known
Occupation Member of the Limpopo Executive Council of South Africa
Political Party African National Congress
Education  Bachelor’s degree
Gender Female
Husband Stanley Radzilani
Children Not Known
Hobbies/Interest Not Known
Net Worth Not Known

Early Life and Education 

Radzilani was born to Thomas and Minnie Radzilani on October 15th, 1924. She attended primary school in Soweto before graduating from Mofolo High School. After graduating, she studied economics at Fort Hare University, where she became involved in anti-apartheid activism. After graduating from university, she returned to Soweto, where she began working as a teacher.

Political Career 

Radzilani’s involvement with politics began during the Defiance Campaign of 1952 when she joined the ANC Women’s League (ANCWL). There, she held various positions, including treasurer, secretary general, deputy president, and finally, president from 1993-2003. During this period, she was also elected as an ANC executive committee member. In addition to her role within political organizations such as these, Radzilani also served as Secretary-General for both COSATU and SADTU unions during her tenure as a teacher before retiring in 1989.


Radzilani devoted her life to advancing social justice causes across South Africa until her death in 2013 at 88. Her work earned her numerous accolades, including honorary doctorates from Wits University and Fort Hare University. Upon her death, President Zuma described Radzilani’s passing as “a great loss not only for our movement but for all those who cherished freedom”. Her legacy lives on through various initiatives such as The Florence Mkhize Trust, which works towards creating economic empowerment opportunities for women entrepreneurs across South Africa today.


By any measure, Florence Radzilani was an exceptional woman who dedicated much of her life to advocating for social justice causes across South Africa during some of its most tumultuous times. From fighting against apartheid with the ANC Women’s League to serving as Secretary General for both COSATU and SADTU unions while simultaneously teaching full-time—she indeed left an indelible mark on South African history that will never be forgotten. We owe much gratitude to trailblazers like Florence, who paved the way towards progress even when it seemed impossible or far off; let us honour their legacy by continuing their work today!

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