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Cosmic Byte GS430 Gaming headphone


Product details

Package Dimensions : 21.6 x 19.2 x 9.8 cm; 410 Grams
Item model number : GS430 Black
Country of Origin : China
Manufacturer : Cosmic Byte, 1800313007700
Item Weight : 410 g
Included Components : Headset, User Manual



The earphones end in two links, one usb and one 3.5mm sound jack. The Audio jack obviously is for the sound, and the usb link is for the LED lights. You can utilize the earphones without the usb, all things considered the LED lights won’t work. In this way, ideal for telephones. The link is high caliber and tough, and it’s likewise meshed. There is huge froth cushioning, which makes it significantly more agreeable. There is one volume regulator and one mouthpiece on/off switch. Both function admirably. It has an extendable mic, and the sound quality is astonishing. Thoroughly suggest for gaming, you can without much of a stretch hear strides/shots in games like PUBG, Call Of Duty, and so on As an obligation at hand player myself, I truly love these earphones. They are truly agreeable and I wear them for quite a long time regular. Despite the fact that I wouldn’t prescribe these for tuning in to music. The LED lights will likewise deplete your PC’s battery. These are stunning for gaming/gatherings/online classes. Pictures are appended for your reference.

It is a superb item at a cost as low as ₹1100! The over the ear earphones are generally excellent and have the nature of 360 degree sound. There is a catch for the mic to turn it on or off, which is exceptionally useful in the event of gaming. There is likewise a volume button and the interlaced link is extremely defensive. Even after extended periods of gaming (6-7 hours), I was unable to try and feel a solitary piece of torment in my ears and the earphones have an assortment of 7 RGB lights on either side of it. I energetically suggest this item according to my experience for the individuals who have extended periods of gaming and are searching for a gaming earphone under the cost of ₹1500. I have had the experience of messing around like PUBG, Rainbow Six Seige, and so on the PS4 comfort. You can without much of a stretch make out where the strides/commotion is originating from, which is useful in games like these. Furthermore, the link is long which is useful if your gamestation is somewhat inaccessible from your solace place. Along these lines, I enthusiastically suggest this item!


Cosmic Byte H3 Gaming Headphone


Product details


Is Discontinued By Manufacturer : No
Product Dimensions : 15 x 15 x 15 cm; 50 Grams
Item part number : H3
Country of Origin : India
Manufacturer : Cosmic Byte, 18001007225
Item Weight : 50 g
Item Dimensions LxWxH : 15 x 15 x 15 Centimeters
Included Components : Headphone, User manual




I was searching for a respectable gaming headset around 1k and this monster looked great on papers. I have numerous different items from CosmicByte so I was pretty certain that it will be of acceptable quality. I see myself as somewhat of an audiophile so I needed something with great sound however I would not like to spend a fortune on a very good quality headset.

The whole packaging is lustrous plastic with some cowhide padding at the headband and ear cups.It feels exceptionally tough and looks a lot of costly than the genuine price.The manufacture Quality is extremely pleasant with some appealing planning. Particularly the blue hued one.There are lights (blue) in the cups themselves, which light up when they’re fueled by the USB giving it a gaming Essence.

The extensive links are all around developed with premium texture coating.It is extremely long ,as its intended to be utilized with work area and PCs .In the center it has a recognizable Control catches ,Used for Volume controlling and setting off the MIC.It additionally lights up(blue) when the MIC is inert.

Toward the end you have a USB connector for PC association which understudy is very much covered. Seems like it will stand expanded use and misuse.


This is the most required thing when you talk about headsets.And when its gaming ,you can’t manage without it.

These headset have the inactive measured ear cups which were reasonable for my type.The cups are very much cushioned and are amazingly smooth. At the point when you put them unexpectedly it feels entirely good. In any case, on broadened use, you may encounter tad of perspiring .Especially on damp days.The cups wrap up your ears very well giving great Isolation from the encompassing sound. Additionally they are not the lightest of the headset

You can likewise change the headbands upon your solace. it is strengthened and to be exact , offers staggered stature change for the ideal fit

– –


– –

The sound quality is Very noteworthy actually.The Output is clear and maintains a strategic distance from sloppy bass .With that I don’t imply that the bass yield is poor.In Fact its inactive for gaming. As stated ,it gives great sound seclusion which is significant for a gaming headset.Also the sound is exceptionally unadulterated as I would like to think.

The cushioning assists with foundation commotion dropping so you can truly zero in on what you’re tuning in to. Likewise, these earphones have their own volume control, so you don’t need to depend on your framework volume settings. Don’t hesitate to set everything at max and you can change it on the earphones themselves.


Well I just use Gaming headset for CS GO.And I think I am getting very acceptable sound output.CS GO doesn’t have great sound confinement ,So I can’t remark about the encompass sound. Anyway, it was superior to typical headsets, and it will get all you require from them to respond before the other individual on the opposite side actually utilizing his/her sound system headset.

Is it appropriate for music? Indeed ,totally good.The lows and highs are well balanced.The sound quality is premium and pretty eargasmic.

The MIC input is completely clear and offers commotion cancellation.Even however it’s somewhat far and you can turn it at one point up to 160degree just, It PICKS up your voice obviously.

– –


– –

At last I think you are getting an excellent Gaming headset for the price.The manufacture and sound yield was superior to my desires.

By and large I am fulfilled and I would unquestionably suggest these for any individual who need some gorgeous and performing headset for gaming.


Cosmic Byte GS410 Headphones

Product details

Is Discontinued By Manufacturer : No
Package Dimensions : 22.4 x 19.8 x 10.2 cm; 390 Grams
Item part number : EMI-AMA0006-B07413RMMP
Manufacturer : Kotion Each
Item Weight : 390 g




This is a decent earphone. I had bought from the market multiple times and each time they broke a similar way, while I was eliminating the earphone off my head the ear muff broke .. lol! I think my head swells with an excessive amount of pride when I work … rofl! in any case as I am a clinical transcriptionist and a decent earphone is an unquestionable requirement and my old earphone is just for use as an emergency band-aid I went to Amazon site and bought this one. Sound quality is acceptable. You can have great Skype discussions too. The wire to connect to the CPU is long so no bowing your head to one side/right so you can accomplish your work … With everything taken into account at the cost a decent buy and furthermore pleasant plans. I purchased the Army dim shading one. It’s cool. Approval to this item! 🙂


Cosmic Byte C1070T Interstellar Wired Gamepad


Product details

Is Discontinued By Manufacturer : No
Package Dimensions : 22 x 17.2 x 6.4 cm; 400 Grams
Item model number : C1070T Interstellar
Manufacturer : Cosmic Byte
Item Weight : 400 g
Included Components : Gamepad, USB Cable, Software CD and User Manual




Talking by and large, they are not altogether different from one another. The fundamental contrasts between the two comes down to

1. Quality

2. Feel

3. Additional highlights

4. Inclination

5. Cost

1. Quality – Both regulators feel nearly the equivalent in quality as the other. My Redgear regulator tho broke pretty quick. The issue with these regulators are in the trigger catches. They utilize a spring specialist which will lose it’s springyness over the long run. My Redgear regulator broke inside 15 months. With respect to Cosmic Byte, lets perceive how long it keeps going. I will refresh this audit when it breaks, in the event that there is no update in this point, at that point the regulator has been working since 25-Feb-2019.

2. Feel – Both regulators look incredible yet the XYAB keys on Cosmic Byte are much better! The LEDs sparkle brilliantly and in dim it just looks astounding.

3. Additional highlights – Both regulators have precisely the same highlights, aside from Cosmic Byte accompanies a FREE usb dongle which lets you connect the regulator to your telephone’s microusb space. I haven’t gave messing around a shot the telephone with it however you most likely can utilize this regulator on your telephone too. You can likewise utilize this free dongle to connect pen drives to your telephone. It’s an additional element which is unquestionably an or more.

4. Inclination – All on the whole, your inclination is the thing that issues once it comes to grasping that regulator and playing the games. As far as I might be concerned, the two regulators feel okay. Redgear feels somewhat heavier which I like all the more however it doesn’t generally have that a very remarkable effect.

5. Cost – Cosmic Byte cost me Rs. 749 while Redgear cost me Rs. 1,299. That is practically a large portion of the cost of Redgear with next to zero distinction. Indeed, even on great days I’ve seen Redgear drop cost however it is never lower than Rs. 999 so Cosmic Byte is a significantly more incentive for your cash.




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