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Georgy Kavkaz Biography

The Life and Legacy of Georgy Kavkaz

Blog Introduction: Georgy Kavkaz was a Russian poet, playwright, actor, and screenwriter who lived from 1922 to 2004. He is best known for his works, including the plays “The Stone Guest” and “The Inspector General.” His work gained attention in the Soviet Union for its subversive themes and critiques of the government. Let’s take a closer look at the life and legacy of Georgy Kavkaz.

Georgy Kavkaz Biography Profile

Name Georgy
Real Name Georgy Kavkaz
Age 42 years old
Date of Birth 1st March 1980
State of Origin Not Known
Nationality Russia
Religion Christian
Zodiac Sign Pisces
Occupation Chef & Youtube Star
Hobbies Cooking
Known for Youtube Star
Gender Male
Wife Alesia
Children Not Known
Hobbies/Interest Not Known
Net Worth $2.64 million

Social Profiles

Early Life & Education

Georgy Kavkaz was born on April 18th, 1922 in Moscow, Russia. He attended school until he was 14 years old when the Great Patriotic War broke out. During this time he worked as an apprentice electrician before being drafted into the Red Army in 1942. After the war he studied at Moscow University and graduated with a degree in philology in 1950.

Career Highlights

After graduating from university, Kavkaz began writing poetry as well as plays such as “The Stone Guest” which premiered at the Moscow Art Theater in 1952. He continued to write plays such as “The Inspector General” which premiered at Leningrad’s Bolshoi Drama Theater in 1957. His works were considered subversive by some due to their criticism of Soviet life and politics yet were still popular among audiences. In addition to writing plays, Kavkaz also wrote screenplays including “My Friend Ivan Lapshin” which won several awards including a Golden Bear award at Berlin International Film Festival in 1984.

Kavkaz also had a successful career as an actor appearing on stage and screen throughout his lifetime. One notable role was that of Professor Preobrazhensky in the 1971 film adaptation of Dostoevsky’s novel “The Idiot” directed by Andrei Tarkovsky.


In 2004 at age 82, Georgy Kavkaz passed away leaving behind a legacy of excellent works that continue to be performed today both on stage and on screen. His subversive works inspired many other writers after him while his acting roles remain memorable even decades later. He will always be remembered for his contribution to Russian literature, theatre, cinema and culture as a whole.


Georgy Kavkaz left behind an incredible legacy thanks to his contributions to Russian literature, theater, cinema, and culture as a whole throughout his lifetime from 1922-2004. His subversive works inspired generations following him while his acting roles remain memorable even decades later – not only for Russian audiences but all over the world! No matter how much time passes by, Georgy’s creative genius will never be forgotten!

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