Top 6 Hidden Features Of Telegram

Do you have just started using telegram? Or using telegram for a long time?

If yes then this post is for you. Because today I am going to share some of the best-hidden features of telegram.

These features will help you in your day to day life.

So to explore what are they let’s get into our topic.



Schedule A Message In Telegram

Suppose that you have to wish a happy birthday to your friend and his birthday is on the next day but you will be on a flight for two days. And as you guys know that you can’t access mobile data as well as WiFi on airplanes. So what you will do?

You can simply schedule a message in a telegram which will be sent to your friend at your desired time.

To do this open your telegram app and then type the message which you want to schedule and then hold the send button until you see a schedule message option.

Then click on the schedule message option and select your timing at which you want to send the message.

Now the message will be delivered at your scheduled time.

Send Without Notification Sound

This tip is helpful for those guys whose friends, relatives, or any family member work in offices, schools, or attend regular meetings.

So you can send them a message through telegram without disturbing them by the notification sound.

To do this type the massage whom you want to send then hold the send button and then you will find an option send without sound, click on that.

That’s set and now the person will receive the message without notification sound.

Delete For Everyone

It is also a useful feature for telegram users.

This feature can be used to delete any of your message or the message of whom you are chatting.

To do this select and hold the send it received the message then click on the delete button and then tick on also delete for XYZ.

And now your or his/her message will be deleted from both ends.

Edit any massage


Sometimes while typing messages we, unfortunately, type a wrong message, and then we can’t able to fix it.

But telegram has a solution to this problem you can easily edit any incorrect massage.

To do this follow these steps:

Hold the message which you want to edit and then correct that message and then click on the send button. And then your message will be edited.

Organize Your Chats

If you face troubles while serving telegram chats or searching for any contact or any group.

Mostly it happens due to many groups present in your chats and makes hustle.

So to get your chats and groups easily you can simply organize your groups by its folder by categories.

So to make categories of the specific group follow these steps:-

Go to settings then click on the folder option and there you will find the recommended folder that you can create.

And even you can create your own by clicking on the create a folder option and then fill your folder name and then you can add your contacts and groups to it.

Final words

So yea guys these are the best secret hidden features that you can use to enhance your telegram surfing experience. And if you find it helpful then do share it with your friends and family.




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