IBD Dende Biography

IBD Dende Biography

The Inspiring Story of IBD Dende, a True Entrepreneurial Trailblazer

IBD Dende is considered to be one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the world. A serial entrepreneur, he has founded numerous companies, many of which have become multi-million dollar enterprises. He has been featured on Forbes’ list of “The Top 2000 Wealthiest People” several times and has served as an inspiration to millions of aspiring business owners around the world. Let’s take a closer look at the life and accomplishments of this incredible entrepreneur.

Early Life and Career Beginnings

IBD Dende was born in 1989 in Ethiopia. At a young age, he began showing signs of entrepreneurial spirit when he started selling second-hand clothes on the streets. In 2004, at just 15 years old, he moved to Kenya where he started his first company – a small printing press that offered services such as logo design, letterheads, and business cards for local businesses. By 2006, ibd had made enough money from his printing press to move to Nairobi where he invested in real estate and opened up several restaurants.

Business Successes

In 2010, IBD Dende founded his first tech company – an online marketplace platform called Connected Africa that allowed merchants and buyers to connect with each other through an app. This platform quickly became popular across Africa due to its user-friendly interface and efficiency; within six months it had more than 500k users! From there, ibd went on to launch numerous other successful tech companies including Hello World (a global ecommerce platform), Swipe Today (a digital payments system), and Sontonu (an AI-driven healthcare platform).

Accolades & Recognition

IBD Dende is well known for his success as an entrepreneur but also for his philanthropic efforts. He is one of the founding members of the African Leadership Network (ALN) – a non-profit organization dedicated to developing leadership programs for young Africans throughout the continent. He also serves as a board member for several charitable organizations such as Reach Out Africa – an organization that works towards improving access to education in rural areas throughout Africa. His work has been recognized by various publications such as Time Magazine who listed him among their “Top 100 Most Influential People” in 2016.


IBD Dende is truly an inspiring figure whose story serves as motivation to aspiring entrepreneurs all over the world. His hard work, resilience, and dedication are what have propelled him forward into becoming one of the most successful entrepreneurs today; all while giving back through his philanthropic efforts which impact lives throughout Africa every day. We can all learn much from ibd’s story about how success is achieved through hard work coupled with passion for helping others – something that will never go out of style no matter how technology changes over time!

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