Mohammed Alsaloussi Biography – Lifestyle, Family, Networth, Age, Lifestyle Details

Mohammed Alsaloussi Biography

Get to Know Mohammed Alsaloussi – A Leader in the Business World

Blog Introduction: Have you ever heard of Mohammed Alsaloussi? If not, then you’re missing out on learning from one of the most influential leaders in the business world. He is a young entrepreneur who has already made a name for himself as an innovator and trendsetter. Let’s dive into his story and learn more about him.

Mohammed Alsaloussi was born in Morocco and moved to Montreal at age 15 with his family. In 2018, at just 18 years old, he founded his first startup, which specialized in logo design for small businesses. It was an instant success! The company quickly grew to include more than 10 employees and started offering additional services such as web design and SEO optimization. The company quickly became one of the top logo design companies in Canada within its first year.

Mohammed Alsaloussi Biography Profile

Name Alsaloussi
Real Name Mohammed Alsaloussi
Age 36 years
Date of Birth Not Known
Companies 11 companies registered under his name
Nationality Egypt
Religion Muslim
Tribe Not Known
Occupation Money Manager
Political Party Not Known
Known for Not Known
Gender Male
Father Egyptian sheik Mohammed Al Saloussi
Children Not Known
Wife Seyma Subasi
Net Worth $2 billion

In 2020, Mohammed founded another company called “Mohammed Alsaloussi Ventures” which focuses on helping startups succeed by providing guidance through mentorship programs and venture capital investments. Through this venture capital fund, he has been able to provide much-needed funding to many startups in the tech industry so they can grow their businesses. His investment portfolio includes many successful companies such as Airbnb, Lyft, Stripe, Slack, Instacart and more.

On top of these two successful companies that he has founded himself, he also serves as a board member on several companies across North America including StartUp Mentors (a non-profit organization focused on helping entrepreneurs), LeanTech (a technology development accelerator program) and FoodFinder (an online food delivery service). He is also an active investor whose portfolio includes companies like Uber Eats and RingCentral.  His vast experience in both the tech industry and venture capital space have made him a sought-after speaker by many organizations looking for tips from successful entrepreneurs like him.


As you can see from Mohammed Alsaloussi’s impressive career trajectory, he is truly a leader in the business world who understands both how to create successful businesses from scratch as well as how to nurture existing ones with wise investments. With his dedication to helping others succeed through mentorship programs and venture capital investments alike, it’s no wonder why so many people look up to him as an example of what it takes to be successful in today’s competitive market. We all have something we can learn from Mohammed Alsaloussi’s inspiring story!

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