How To Store Data On Online Servers

Do you have some important files and images or any other type of document and which you never want loose?

So to save your these files from losing you can use cloud storage. So before I tell you about some cloud storage service provide I want to introduce to you that, what is cloud storage? What are the advantages & disadvantages of using cloud storage services? And then we will talk about some secure & trusted cloud storage service providers.

So let’s begin!


What is Cloud storage?

A Cloud storage system is a type of data storing system in which a person store’s data on internet servers. These data storage systems are made by companies and these companies take charges for storing data.

There are many advantages of using cloud storage services



  1. Companies make 2 to 3 copies of your data which decreases the chances of data loss.
  2. A Cloud storage system helps you to access your data at any place and on any computer without any hard disk or pen drive.
  3. With the help of a cloud storage system, you can share big files easily with anyone.



There are not many disadvantages but some of these are


  1. There is a chance of data leaking and been hacked while storing data on online servers. It’s the main factor is not choosing the best & secure cloud service provider.
  2. Storing large files on online servers can exhaust your much data.


If you have accidentally deleted your Gmail or account then you can able to restore those important media & files.

So now I am going to share some of the best cloud storage service providers. Which you can use for securing your data.

Cloud Storage Service Providers

Google Drive

Google Drive provides you 15 GB of cloud storage for a fee per account and after completing your 15 GB, It will start taking charges for it.

The drive is the product of google which increases trust among people.


The second cloud service provider is Mega. Mega is a trustable company. It provides 50 GB of free cloud storage after sign up, and after doing payment you can use more cloud storage.


Dropbox is providing cloud storage services for a long period and there is not any hacking report against it. And this shows how secure it is.

It provides 5 GB of free storage as a signup bonus and after you need pay.


Degoo is a secure cloud storage service provider. It gives 100GB of free cloud storage. And after you need pay.


Box provides you 10 GB of free space that can use for storing your files or media. And if you will like their services then you can upgrade by paying charges to them.


So yea guys these are the ways and companies on which you can store your important data securely. Cloud storage is used by millions of people for securing their data. So I suggest you store your important data and get free from the risk of losing it.



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